What is Kafka?

Kafka is an open source software platform developed using Scala & Java. It is used for real-time streams of data, to collect big data, or to do real-time analysis. Used with in-memory microservices to provide durability and it can be used to feed events to CEP(Complex event streaming systems).

Port numbers used by Kafka: 9092 by default

Zoo keeper

What is zookeeper? An open source Apache project which works on a simple client-server model. Where clients are nodes(machines) that make use of the services and where servers are the nodes that provides the services.

Ports used by Zookeeper: 2181 | 2888 | 3888

Note: Kafka will not work, until zookeeper is installed under Kafka directory

It represents code exited on line number 14 from mongod.conf file

By default, mongod does not have permission to /tmp/mongod27017.sock

Steps to fix it:

  1. give command chown mongod:mongod /tmp/<your_sock>

2. delete the /tmp/mongod-17.lock

3. sudo systemctl restart mongod

4. Check the MongoDB status: sudo service mongod status

Now mongodb will be working

Note: Kindly create access list, while working on mongodb, or else you will be receiving warnings


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